GloveSmith Glove Honey – Ultra Refined Lanolin Glove Oil


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Glove Honey – 4 fl oz.

Recommend for use on all Grace Gloves.


Warning – Use Glove Honey sparingly.

Over use can cause your glove or mitt to become too soft and heavy.

  1. Apply a small amount of Glove Honey to a cloth and work into the areas of the glove that need to be more flexible.
  2. Allow the Glove Honey to absorb into the leather for 24 hours, preferably in an area where the temperature is at least 75 degrees F.
  3. Play catch daily until the glove is ready for game play. If your glove is to firm, then apply an additional coat of Glove Honey to those areas, then continue to play catch.
  4. The glove should have Glove Honey applied very lightly at the end of the season prior to storage. Again, apply with a cloth. Also, include lining to keep the leather from becoming brittle.
  5. Store glove in a dry place.


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