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As winter approaches it is very important for baseball players to make sure their ​glove is properly cared for and stored, so that when spring comes around they can go back to playing catch without missing a beat.

Here’s some tips to keep your glove in perfect condition.

  • Store your glove during these winter months on a shelf in a cool dry place, or at room temperature. Don’t leave your glove sitting around outside, near a heater, or in your equipment bag
  • Keep your glove dry. If your glove gets wet, dry if off as well as you can with a clean absorbent rag and let it naturally air dry. Be aware that air drying tends to stiffen the leather. Don’t worry; it should soften again naturally with use. Do not blow dry it, put it near a furnace, or in the dryer as this can dry the leather out and make it crack. Apply a safe leather conditioner to the glove after it has dried to soften it.
  • Clean and condition your baseball glove using safe leather product.  Don’t spit in your glove, as the material in your saliva can deteriorate it!
  • Reshape your glove. Place a baseball in the pocket of your glove, and wrap it with a binder. Tighten or retie the laces in the fingers and web of your glove; best to use square and overhand knots.
  • Check in between the fingers of your gloves for open seams and palms, and check for broken laces. If you find any, have them repaired as soon as possible to prevent injury and mishaps.

If you follow these suggestions, when it’s time to take your glove out in Febuary and prepare for tryouts and your baseball season you will be enjoying your glove for at least another season!

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