A Special Ballplayer

Hello Grace Glove Family,

As you know, Grace Gloves is a family owned and operated company, and we consider all of customers to be part of that family. Your support over the past year has been overwhelming, and I could not have asked for a better group than all of you.

I am reaching out to you today, not about Grace Gloves, but about a member of our family, a fellow customer and Grace Glove supporter, Jacob Kanka.

Last week, Jacob, an 8 year old ball player and Grace Glove enthusiast, was diagnosed with Stage 4 Nephroblastoma. Also known as Wilms Tumor, nephroblastoma is a cancer in the kidneys, and is the most common form of kidney cancer in children. Jacob is already fighting, and while his journey will continue to be difficult, he is keeping his head high and is staying positive during this tough time. He is a true inspiration to his family, friends and teammates.

Over the last few days, Jacob and his family have received an amazing outpouring of support from their community, but they will continue to need support over the next few months as Jacob fights this cancer and recovers. There is always room for more love and support to be shown, and that’s where we come in. In addition to prayers and messages, which Jacob and his family appreciate immensely, you can also purchase a limited edition #JacobStrong shirt at #JacobStrong. All of the proceeds go to helping Jacob and his family in this tough time.

Already, you have shown the Kanka family what amazing things can happen when we come together to help others in need. Stephen, Jacob’s father, says “The love sent for our son Jacob Kanka is beyond comprehension. The prayers, txt, pm’s are so close to our hearts. Please know all are being read. If we have not responded, liked, etc… thank you for understanding. God bless each and every single person who has taken a moment for our son.”

Jacob is currently home and resting, but he and his family appreciate the support they continue to receive, and we ask that if you would like to help support Jacob in his fight and recovery, please visit #JacobStrong to purchase a limited edition #JacobStrong shirt.

We’re cheering for Jacob, and can’t wait to see him get back on the field.

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